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The G.E.T. Debate – No Need to Debate – Just Google It

On tap for this debate the statement of … ‘Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be easily googled.’ The team of Curtis and Lisa kinda went up against the team of Daina and Jocelyn but the result was actually something I think was appropriate for this topic. Check out the the video […]

The G.E.T.* Debate Round 2 – Techquity

On Tuesday May 26th, 2020, the ‘epicness’ of the best Great Ed Tech (G.E.T.*) debates continued. This night’s topic was ‘Technology is a force for equity in society.’ On the pro side was Nataly and Kalyn, and on the con side was Victoria and Jasmine. Even a prairie storm couldn’t cause a power outage on […]

Remotely … Interesting

In the middle of March, something very ‘interesting’ happened in education.  In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, our schools were closed and remote / supplemental learning began.  The virtual classroom became the only classroom for our students.  The conditions of closures included students moving on to the next grade, ‘bumped ‘to a pass if […]