That’s All Folks – An ECI 830 Summary of Learning

The Videos

Here are the videos I have created for my summary of learning, what I learned from the debates and more …

Summary of Learning the Extended Edition
Dean’s Debates
ECI 830 Speakers’ Perspectives
A 3 Minute Recap of the ECI 830 Experience

The Resources

One thing these classes never fail to produce are amazing collection of resources. Classmates do amazing research that always provide important data, opinions, and resources. People were sharing these freely on the google doc, Twitter, and Slack. Here are two Wakelets – one with research for the debates and the other Tweets shared using the #ECI 830 hashtag.


One thing this class has reinforced for me is the importance of the great professional learning network. The the first debate I reached out to current ECI 830 Nancy Smith and former classmate and former ECI 830 student Daniel Dion. Both are amazing people with a great understanding of social media (check out Nancy’s Book Here). They both provided us with a little clip backing our side of the debate. Also also reached out to Jennifer Casa-Todd author of Social Leadia and got some great advice and a link to a great article that backed up our argument.

For the next debate, I was able to secure a ringer for our team in the form of Dr. Verena Roberts. She gave us an amazing interview (which we used as part of our research and a clip for our intro) and she also gracious ‘Zoom’ bombed our class to help us out with our closing statement. I also learn so much from her.

I love Twitter and enjoyed connecting with my classmates on the #eci830 hashtag. I also used my PLN (tagging Alec and his extensive PLN is one way to get your message some traction – thanks) to do some Twitter Polls to see what the vibe was ‘out there’ for each debate topic and pick up some great comments along the way. So many insights and some very valuable data.

Openness and Sharing
What Debate Topic Interests You
Social Media Ruining Childhood

I also had the good fortune recently to be contacted by Arjita Sethi, founder of the DaVinci Club (check out her Ted Talk here – so many thing she said spoke to many of the topics we have covered in class). She noticed my Twitter feed and the work I’ve done with Minecraft Edu. She then followed my social media feed with a visit to my eportfolio. She was impressed with my work and offered me a job as a Minecraft Virtual Camp Councillor. Such a great opportunity and a great example of the power of a strong PLN. I was able to interview her about the DaVinci Club and more – worth the watch – check it out here.

The ECI w/ Alec experience has been an amazing one for me. I have teamed up with a couple of great people from these classes, Curtis and Matteo, and together we have created a podcast called 832 Sips (based on our after class discussions we had in our ECI 832 class). We have had some solid guest (including Nancy and Daniel) and our latest (coming soon) one is with Ben Kelly (a fellow Minecraft Global Mentor, social media contact, and friend) who is a STEM genius and a Prime Minister Teaching Award of Excellence in STEM Teacher. Check out our podcasts here.

The Debates

Technology in the classroom enhances learning.

Agree – For sure … when used with a well thought out purpose it increases connections, accessibility, and transformational opportunities … it’s a no brainer

Technology is a force for equity in society.

Agree – there is an increased access throughout the world allowing for connections, accessibility, and increased learning for all … it’s leveling the playing field

Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be easily googled.

Agree – we should be better …. You can’t just google an answer an move on … doesn’t change much from having kids remembering a few facts for a test then forgetting them the next day … we need to focus on deeper learning not just what did google say (which is in it for the money which is another can of worms)

Social media is ruining childhood.

Agree – Have you seen how social media is destroying the lives of our children.  Cyberbullying, FOMO, screen time, an unrealistic look at the perfect life … darn tootin it is ruining their lives

Cellphones should be banned in the classroom.

Agree – hang on I gotta check this … as I was saying these devices do not belong in the classroom, too much of a distraction and the kids can’t control themselves … wait I gotta check this

Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids.

Agree – we can’t just go out there and openly share student pics and information there are many trolls out there and even worse, there is still the digital divide some kids don’t get opportunities, plus can you really trust something was just freely share … let’s not go there

Educators have a responsibility to use tech and social media to promote social justice.

Agree – teaching is not neutral as some may make out, we have a responsibility to help students understand their world and make it better … isn’t that what education is all about … why would we not use these powerful tools and medium to research, understand, and jump into action and make a positive difference in society

Disagree – No way Jose … becomes a crutch and students rely on tech to do the learning for them … some just use it as a $1000 pencil which is a waste of time and money … don’t need it

Disagree – what … have you looked at costs, the vulnerable … how about the inconsistencies in training and delivery … that doesn’t add up to being equal does it

Disagree – we need to make sure kids know how to use this tool, it’s become a staple in our society and to not have students google things does help them, also being able to google answers saves us time to cover our curriculum … google away

Disagree – Oh boy, another medium in the long line of mediums ruining children’s lives, has one even looked to see the access to experts, finding your people when you feel alone, making connections, and promoting social justice issues … it’s giving kids a platform to do and be better

Disagree – ok boomer this devices are everywhere and not going away, let’s build some trust with our kids,  they are part of society why would we not use this tool for research, communication, and creation … wait there’s a voice in my head – Don’t Ban Make A Plan

Disagree – the most important life lessons I learned were in Kindergarten including being open and sharing, students need to create and share their digital portfolios for now and their futures, this gives access to more resources and learning opportunities to those who would just not get them, and this allows for some next level and deeper learning which will move society forward …let’s go there

Disagree – umm I actually like my job and don’t want to rock the boat, I’ve seen too many people get in trouble for taking a stand, I’m not these kids parent and I shouldn’t be interfering with how somebody choses to parent their kids, plus they might think I’m Trump like and know nothing about what I’m talking about … too risky for me

The Final Thoughts

This class was fast and furious. I like to thank Amy and Sherrie for being great partners (I learned and enjoyed working with both these fine people). I like to thank the ECI 830 crew. Everybody is very inspiring and passionate and it makes for a great experience (I’m sad I only have one class left in the fall – maybe I’ll have to ask to sit in down the road or something just to listen to the great conversations in the Zoom and continue to check out the hashtags online). With all that’s happening in our world right now, this class became more timely and important than I’m sure that anyone wanted. It was a comfort and blessing to be able to connect with the ECI 830 crew a couple times a week. It was like a support group that we all needed. The debate format was a lot of fun and so many great points were made by everybody. I know I come to the table with a heavy tech use bias and so many of the points made were extremely good for me to hear and understand different points of view. Thanks Alec for another great experience, it’s no wonder this classes are ‘sold out’ right away. A very respectful and welcoming environment is always created. Led by a knowledgeable and caring ‘moderator’, the class takes on a learning journey in which everyone contributes and grows.


4 thoughts on “That’s All Folks – An ECI 830 Summary of Learning

  1. Thank you again for all of your support and guidance during our Debate Collab and throughout this entire course! It was so great working with you.


  2. Dean, you are an amazing leader in Ed Tech! I appreciate all your advice, guidance and creative outlook on all the topics and discussions! It was so great being a part of a group filled with such knowledgeable experts! AMAZING! Have a great summer!


    1. I’ve kinda been growing with Ed tech since I’ve started this amazing teaching journey. Always more to learning and provide more for the kiddos. Keeps me motivated for sure. Loved this class you and the rest of the eci gang really help me grow. Thanks

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