AT w/ a LRT As part of my look at Assistive Technologies in the classroom, I interviewed our school’s Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) and discuss AT at our school. AT w/ Nico As part of my look at Assistive Technologies in the classroom, I interviewed Nico (Nico is 18 and have his permission to post), […]

Get In The Loop

I love using and exploring formative assessment tools.  I am a huge proponent of formative assessment.  I believe that formative assessment can take on many looks, but in the end it is a chance for students and teachers to create a dialogue that focuses on the learning process not just summative assessment, that tends to […]

Online Tools, Tips, and Tidbits

I have been extremely fortunate to have embrace learning how to use technology tools and how to effectively teach with them throughout my career. The ‘crisis learning’ that happened in the spring was not ideal but I was not scrambling as I was ready to go virtually and remotely. I only had two math classes […]

Let’s Dive Into Prod…. Squirrel

Ok, that video was funny yet also hit the mark on so many ways multitasking is multi-distracting.  I know I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself (I’ve been working on this blog in my mind for the past few days … even today as I write this I’ve found ‘ways’ to put it off just […]

Learning About Learning

I remember reviewing learning theories ‘way’ back in the ‘day’ (think there were still VCR/TV Combos in a school near you back then for those doing A/V in the classroom haha) when I was in university.  The names Skinner, Bruner, and Piaget were ones we studied in EPS classes.  It was important to review these […]

It’s About The Journey Not The Destination

Welcome to my first ECI 833 blog. We were asked to do the following: write a blog post exploring your personal understanding of educational technology. What might a contemporary definition of educational technology look like? How has your own understanding and practice of using educational technology been shaped (consciously or not) by the rich historical […]