Let’s Dive Into Prod…. Squirrel

Ok, that video was funny yet also hit the mark on so many ways multitasking is multi-distracting.  I know I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself (I’ve been working on this blog in my mind for the past few days … even today as I write this I’ve found ‘ways’ to put it off just […]

Learning About Learning

I remember reviewing learning theories ‘way’ back in the ‘day’ (think there were still VCR/TV Combos in a school near you back then for those doing A/V in the classroom haha) when I was in university.  The names Skinner, Bruner, and Piaget were ones we studied in EPS classes.  It was important to review these […]

It’s About The Journey Not The Destination

Welcome to my first ECI 833 blog. We were asked to do the following: write a blog post exploring your personal understanding of educational technology. What might a contemporary definition of educational technology look like? How has your own understanding and practice of using educational technology been shaped (consciously or not) by the rich historical […]