Learning About Learning

I remember reviewing learning theories ‘way’ back in the ‘day’ (think there were still VCR/TV Combos in a school near you back then for those doing A/V in the classroom haha) when I was in university.  The names Skinner, Bruner, and Piaget were ones we studied in EPS classes.  It was important to review these […]

It’s About The Journey Not The Destination

Welcome to my first ECI 833 blog. We were asked to do the following: write a blog post exploring your personal understanding of educational technology. What might a contemporary definition of educational technology look like? How has your own understanding and practice of using educational technology been shaped (consciously or not) by the rich historical […]

That’s All Folks – An ECI 830 Summary of Learning

The Videos Here are the videos I have created for my summary of learning, what I learned from the debates and more … The Resources One thing these classes never fail to produce are amazing collection of resources. Classmates do amazing research that always provide important data, opinions, and resources. People were sharing these freely […]

The G.E.T. Debate Round 7 – Social Justice and Social Media in the Classroom – It’s Complicated

The Debate The Pre-Vote The Thoughts It was another timely and thoughtful debate. Both teams did incredible jobs with the research, presentations, and delivery (Thanks Mike, Jacquie, Brad,and Michala). One thing that has struck me about the debates and it’s that one word usually sticks out to me and this time was ‘promote’. Are you […]

The G.E.T. Debate Round 5 – Are We ‘Cell’ing Out

‘Don’t Ban, Make a Plan‘ lets make some bumper stickers for this. Granted I sometimes wonder about cell phones being in the classroom too and the ‘ban’ side made many great points … especially the whiteboard tally with the amount of distractions. I can’t see a ban but do see a need for a plan. […]

The G.E.T.* Debate Round 2 – Techquity

On Tuesday May 26th, 2020, the ‘epicness’ of the best Great Ed Tech (G.E.T.*) debates continued. This night’s topic was ‘Technology is a force for equity in society.’ On the pro side was Nataly and Kalyn, and on the con side was Victoria and Jasmine. Even a prairie storm couldn’t cause a power outage on […]