Let’s ‘Make’ It Happen

Co-Written By Dean Vendramin and Melinda Demeter There are couple of movements, which although not entirely new, deserve a push, poke, and a plug.  These movements are coding, and makerspaces being infused in the classroom.  Recently, in an Education Master’s class, we examined the learning theories, tools, and complexities of these movements.  We were listening to a podcast recently about making and […]

Reality Doesn’t Bite

Our final ECI 833 topic was Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality in the classroom. Alec brought I an amazing guest presenter, Brett Salakas from the ‘land down under’. I appreciated Brett’s message about VR/AR/MR tools not needing to be ‘over the top’ and inaccessible to most.  His presentation focused on his top five […]


Following a great presentation by the Assistive Technology (AT) group, this week’s blog post focus on the importance of understanding and providing students AT opportunities. To examine this topic, I took to my school/classroom to see where AT are at in my ‘own’ backyard. I was fortunate to connect with our school’s Learning Resource Teacher […]

Get In The Loop

I love using and exploring formative assessment tools.  I am a huge proponent of formative assessment.  I believe that formative assessment can take on many looks, but in the end it is a chance for students and teachers to create a dialogue that focuses on the learning process not just summative assessment, that tends to […]

Online Tools, Tips, and Tidbits

I have been extremely fortunate to have embrace learning how to use technology tools and how to effectively teach with them throughout my career. The ‘crisis learning’ that happened in the spring was not ideal but I was not scrambling as I was ready to go virtually and remotely. I only had two math classes […]

Let’s Dive Into Prod…. Squirrel

Ok, that video was funny yet also hit the mark on so many ways multitasking is multi-distracting.  I know I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself (I’ve been working on this blog in my mind for the past few days … even today as I write this I’ve found ‘ways’ to put it off just […]