Reality Doesn’t Bite

Our final ECI 833 topic was Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality in the classroom. Alec brought I an amazing guest presenter, Brett Salakas from the ‘land down under’.

I appreciated Brett’s message about VR/AR/MR tools not needing to be ‘over the top’ and inaccessible to most.  His presentation focused on his top five tool to integrate these tools into the classroom.

First up was This tool allows colouring pages to ‘come to life’. I noticed a few of our classmates were trying this out with great success the next day  I saw a landmarks pack that would go well with the civilization unit I’m currently teaching.

Next up was which takes you on some amazing tours of cities and landmarks around the world.  We might not be able to travel in this time of COVID but we can scope out some future travel plans and take in some amazing sights.  Let’s go globetrotting VR style.

We then checked out Talk about getting to the heart of the matter.  One of the products from this site is an interactive inside the body t-shirt that was out of the world (along with the space products available.  It was so cool that I shared this with a Health Science teacher at my school and we ordered a t-shirt the next day.

Ready to hold the digital world in the palm of your hand?  Check out and see it for yourself.  Many STEM and other applications are available with this tool and they even have a headset that looks very engaging.

I have played a bit with and see great engagement opportunities with this. I want to create Castle Museums of the Middle Ages with my social 9 class. I’m hoping draw some help from our Digital Fluency Consultant Jen Owens for this one 🙂

The last tool Brett shared was With a 360 camera, one can upload and create interactive panorama environments.  I checked out one that involve trigonometry and I see a lot of potential to make math more meaningful.  This is something I hope to pursue in the future.

Brett also shared his Teacher Guide to Virtual reality.  This infographic provides a nice over of this topic

It would be great to see VR become a reality in our classrooms.  I have some in my classrooms and love to use them for some amazing immersive tours but would like to take them to another level.  I also think that these types of tools will become more implemented in our society and it is important to provide students with opportunities to learn and create in these environments.

3 thoughts on “Reality Doesn’t Bite

  1. Dean,

    Excellent post and summary of Brett’s presentation! Honestly, the thought of using coding and AR/VR technologies in my classroom makes me SO nervous because I don’t really know what I’m doing, but also excites me for the exact same reason! However, my biggest takeaway from this class is that the teacher doesn’t need to be the expert. If anything, being the expert on a topic doesn’t necessarily mean your students will benefit or have meaningful learning experiences. At first, I thought coding and AR/VR technologies did bite… Now I’m seeing how accessible they are and how it truly doesn’t need to be over the top!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge this semester! I learn so much from your experiences that you share in class!


  2. Thank you for breaking down the AR and VR tools! I really enjoy Brett’s presentation. I haven’t had a lot of experience with VR and AR, so it was really interesting to learn more about it!

    Thank you for a great semester, Dean. You are an incredible learner and teacher and inspire everyone you meet. You have taught me so much this semester. I can’t wait to follow along with your future teaching and technology adventures!


  3. Dean!

    Your posts are always so thoughtful! Thank you for this post, it was great to be able to come read it a week after the presentation and refresh all the points from Bretts lecture. You’re the my friend


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