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I love using and exploring formative assessment tools.  I am a huge proponent of formative assessment.  I believe that formative assessment can take on many looks, but in the end it is a chance for students and teachers to create a dialogue that focuses on the learning process not just summative assessment, that tends to take a snap shot of where one is at a certain time and signifies an end to learning about that concept. 

“The word assess comes from the Latin assidere, which means to sit beside. Literally then, to assess means to sit beside the learner.”


Here’s an excellent article on the trend that sees a shift to assessment for learning. “Consistent with 21st Century learning and the benefits brought on by better assessment tools, assessment is becoming more student-centric, offering educators the insights that will help them determine the best instructional next steps and how to make learning more personal for the individual student.”

I was fortunate enough when this post prompt came out to find a tweet on formative assessment tools.

I have explore many of them before but the first app on the list, Loop, was something that I was not familiar with.  So this gave me an opportunity to explore Loop.  This app, developed by a company in Australia, provided a simple way to communicate with students and stay ‘in the loop’.  It’s look is clean and simple as it allows you to ask student questions with either a text, rating, emoji, or multiple choice response. 

As advertised, this app provides
1) app based on-the-go communication
2) private responses
3) anonymous responses
4) ability to respond quickly and easily

Creating an account was fairly easy to as one could sign up using their Google account.  Once in, I was guided how to set up a class, invite students, ask a question, gather results,  respond to feedback, and post an announcement (Quick Set Up Guide was provided with videos, how tos, and sign up pdfs).

Start Up Guide Provides Easy to Access and Understand Resources.

I was fortunate to have my work place 30 students test out the app with me.  It was timely as we were winding down the first quadrant and it was a great opportunity to as for feedback on what they needed help with, how they were feeling, class feedback, and even slipped in what they thought of this app.  Overall, students found it easy to sign in either thought the email invite I sent or by using the class code provided.  Once logged in, the student found the questions easily and were able to respond.  They appreciated the ability to respond anonymously and liked the discussion loop that was created.

Student Reviews of Loop

“I don’t mind using loop, on here I can tell my teacher what I need help with most and how he’s able to help me.”

“I think it is a good way to communicate with you. and a good way to ask questions.”

“It’s good to see what we think about the class and how we are doing.”

“I like loop and I like how the teacher only sees the answer and no one else.”

Got approval from Nico (and he’s 18 – so all good sharing :-))

I used and would continue to use this app (which one could use on a desktop or download on iOS or Android) for simple yet important feedback on how students are feeling either in general or on a topic.  I have other tools that are more effective at gauging how they are doing with more specific content. I also wish they had a more apparent ‘dashboard’ button rather than just clicking on the loop logo at the top right of the screen.  The anonymous feature is something I like as well, but could see concerns with it as well (great time to teach some digital citizenship). Still the simple set up of the app was a win.  It’s not flashy put it does keep one simply ‘in the loop” which is huge for understanding and relationship building.

In my ‘travels’, I stumbled upon this great Chrome extension, YiNotes,  which allows one to watch a You Tube video, take notes, and get timestamps / screen shots of when you took the notes.  I found a review of Loop and decided to test out this extension on this review.

Take time stamped notes as you watch You Tube. Check out my pdf notes on this Loop Review below.
Get screenshot, edit notes, annotate notes … then export the file to pdf, google docs, one note, and more.

Check out my video reviews of Loop Desktop Version and the iPhone App

Desktop Version
iPhone App Version

Bonus Material

Check out my goformative on how to use goformative, what formative assessment is, and a few other tools

One thought on “Get In The Loop

  1. Wow, you are such an expert Dean! I always value your advice – it is so thorough and easy to understand. Loop does look super easy! I was grateful for your videos to show us around. I also loved how you included student responses to it! You should get some royalties for these reviews! Thanks for a new tool!


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