Hopefully This is ‘Remotely’ Interesting

For this week’s blog entry, I did a vlog entry. I went through some of my go to tools I have used in the past and have been a great help to me in my remote learning journey. I have also had the chance to teach and learn online and although not the same, it has also helped me transition to remote learning life as well. I have loved the interactions I have had with my students (would like more though) and have also grown professional and had some amazing professional development opportunities as well. So I hope you ‘remotely’ enjoy my vlog and find the resources in my Wakelet tool box ‘remotely’ useful. (PS – I learned a lot about wordpress through is as well :-)) I’m looking forward to your responses as I’m also writing an article for the STF on Remote Learning and hope to include some of your stories / experiences.

Here’s a link to my Wakelet


8 thoughts on “Hopefully This is ‘Remotely’ Interesting

  1. Thanks for sharing Dean. I’m glad to see another teacher using GoFormative. I’ve found this tool to be very beneficial in regards to formative assessment. OneNote has become a staple in my teaching practice over the past few years. I definitely preferred OneNote 2016 over the other version we are using though.

    Happy to be taking another class together!


    1. I’m lucky to have the full version of goformative. Have access to a few more features. It’s actually one of the main tools students are using for supplemental learning. One note and teams are a great combo. Looking forward to learning more with you this semester.

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  2. Just here to say I truly admire the way you are dedicated to lifelong learning. I can’t believe you started a WordPress blog from scratch when you already had a Weebly!
    Thanks for sharing your resources with us in a way that not only compiles them but runs us through just why that application or website is useful!


  3. Dean, I can tell already that you are a great person to know. I have learned so much from you already just by following your tweets and reading/watching your blog. I have to say I found myself down a rabbit hole as I opened link after link. You have led an amazing life and have had an astounding career! You shared so many wonderful tools in your blog (I mean vlog – look at me using my new vocab), it is hard to pinpoint where to start. The one that stood out to me was Drawboard. I have many teachers sharing how difficult and time-consuming it is to do their grading / give feedback to their students in the online environment. Opening documents, downloading pictures, inserting them into word for comments, etc. etc. etc. This app sound like it could help in this area. Do you have any other suggestions for tools to help with giving feedback to students in remote learning/teaching environments?


    1. I’m humbled you found my vlog / resources useful. I really like Drawboard. Very easy to use. We use Microsoft OneNote and Teams in our division and they work well together for providing assignment / feedback an more. I also find goformative very useful. Thanks for checking out my vlog. Talk to you soon.


  4. Thank you for taking us through the tools you are using. This made it easy to understand and see exactly how you communicate with your students. I learned a lot from your vlog! You are very inspiring in the way you are continually learning and finding new ways to connect with educators and students.


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